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Picket Fencing

Picket fencing has been a classic look for a long time in many countries. They are very fashionable even now in Sydney with its many older suburbs. Even modern homes can benefit from the homely charm of the row of pickets topped with ornamental ends.

People usually think of timber when pickets come to mind. However in addition to classic timber, Professional Fencing can instal fences made from PVC, aluminium, and aluminium with a wood finish. Picket fences are essentially a row of well-spaced slim palings, therefore giving an open, spacious feel to the fence line. The picket heights can sweep up in gentle curves to the posts. The gate can also continue this pattern, giving a nice sense of continuity to the fence design.

What are the benefits of Picket Fencing?

They can be made in a range of heights from the low front fence to the high back or side fence.
Choose plain or ornamented, whatever your style.
With their matching gates they provide an attractive boundary.
Many colours available.
With wider-spaced pickets you can easily show off your cottage garden flowers because of the open structure.
Or you can opt for very close, full-height pickets giving you lots of privacy.
Non-metal picket fencing can be beneficial in termite-prone areas.

About timber picket fencing

In addition to all the features and benefits of picket fences as above, timber has these particular qualities:

The surface of the timber is smoothed for easy painting.
You may paint the timber in any colour you desire and easily change it.
Timber picket fencing has all the durability and cost advantages of timber fencing.