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Modular walls are composite panels that fit together to make walls and fences. They have the strength and appearance of masonry or timber. However they are much lighter in weight and they are also very quick to instal. The final appearance is seamless and elegant. Furthermore the slope and irregularity of the ground is no problem. We can fit modular walls to the terrain. Different modular materials can be combined for dual purposes. An example is retaining walls with noise reduction capabilities. Economical too.

The panels come in a range of strengths and characteristics to suit various purposes. For example, they can be used for:

noise reduction & noise absorption barriers and enclosures
extra-high walls with superior wind resistance
workshops and sheds
retaining walls that can hold back a high load
pool surrounds
property boundaries
garden partitions
feature walls
construction sites (the panels are relocatable)
shopping centre carparks
and many other residential and commercial applications.

Modular walls are more economical than masonry - half the price when compared with brick. And last but not least, they come in many designs and styles to match contemporary and classical properties. We can customize modular walls and fences by combining different modular types such as fence and wall materials and other landscaping elements. For example add stone or tile cladding, timber slat, lattice, glass or tubular steel lacework, letterboxes and lighting. Of course colour is no problem. You can go monotone. Or create attractive contrasts such as masonry-look base and pillars in stone colour, with rich horizontal timber slats in between.


This material is especially suited to commercial applications requiring height, strength, wind resistance, noise reduction and retaining wall ability. In addition, the fast installation is budget-friendly. There are lots of colours available, from muted to bolds. Large scales possible, yet with an aesthetic residential appearance. And even paint that resists graffiti vandalism!


QuickWall is mainly a commercial product for purposes such as construction sites. Thus it has benefits that are specifically required in such situations:

Modular Wall Products

Check out these products and imagine how they will fit your needs. Also consider how you can combine them. You can look at the other fencing materials and types on this site for ideas on blended styles. Please note that a majority of these modular walls products have or can be made with noise reduction and retaining wall capability.


EstateWall replicates the appearance of large traditional solid brick and masonry front walls. Hence its name. Beyond its stately appearance, it's half the cost of brick and is quick and easy to instal. You can have it up to 3 metres high, and it can also retain a 75 cm height of ground. Combine it with acoustic modulars for extra noise reduction. Paint it, ornament it, add gates and lights, hey presto! And it looks great backing a garden strip too.

compact for bulk transport, reducing costs and environmental effects
quickly installed with its precise engineering
no foundations required
adjustable height for different winds
noise barrier


This is an attractive residential alternative to Colorbond or timber. And at much less cost it is a popular option. Being lightweight but strong, when you add TerraFirm (see below) it can retain up to half a metre of ground. Because it has AcoustiMax panels inbuilt, it is a great residential barrier for keeping out the neighbourhood noise.


To see examples of VogueWall, have a look at McDonald's and KFC drive-through services. It retains up to 75 cm of ground and can be used for raised garden beds and planter boxes. However it is also available up to 3 metres, so it's great for privacy and noise reduction. VogueWall can match up with conventional brick and cement walls. Customize by in-filling with attractive panels of other materials, plus add lights, letterboxes and gates.

Noise control options:

You can obtain noise reduction by up to 400% from modular walls with acoustic specifications. Thus you'll want to consider the below options if you are surrounding a car park, industrial site, workshop or shed, outdoor entertainment area, or animal enclosure.


While massively noise reducing for industry and transportation corridors, AcoustiSorb looks great too. It has a perforated aluminium face that needs no finishing, and provides durability and strength. The cores of recycled plastic waste assist with your goals of reducing environmental impact. Adjustable thickness and size means you can fit them into roof spaces, walls, etc.


Does your business need a complete acoustic wall in a hurry? For commercial properties, MicraLine is aesthetically appealing with a pre-finished powder-coated and textured surface. Put it up and you're done! In addition it's a very effective sound barrier.


GuardianWall is a much heavier and more durable noise wall for industrial sites. The beams are of hot-dipped galvanized steel, making it stronger than most modular wall solutions. It is very long-lasting, suitable for large scale and ongoing projects. You can combine it with any of the noise reduction modulars for custom looks and performance. Above-standard heights are available as well as the ability to retain 75 cm of ground.

See CorroLink™ and KerbWall™ which are also 'strong barrier' solutions.

Retaining wall options:

You are able to retain from half a metre to 3 metres of ground with modular walls. Many of the modular wall products can retain ground within this range. However there is a specialized product for the tough jobs: TerraFirm - see details below.


TrendWall is slim and streamlined. It has great noise reduction abilities. This excellent residential wall is useful in small areas, because it takes up little width and its joins are almost flush. Where height is required for privacy, this modular will come to the rescue. Long stretches of boundary are also well served with TrendWall. You can easily customize with paint, finishes, and added landscaping elements.


EnduroMax is specifically designed for reducing the noise of roads, railways and engineering sites. It is also fire-resistant, a must for these locations. Extending these benefits, it's also light, manoeuvrable, durable and impact-resistant. Vandals can barely dent it. As well as being economical and fast to instal, it is environmentally friendly.


AcoustiMax lives up to its name with excellent acoustic performance that is customizable to the noise level. It is also lightweight, durable, impact-resistant and smoothly finished. The size of the panels can be adjusted. Furthermore it can be combined with other types of modular walls.


KerbWall is a temporary wall structure for worksites with high traffic and on hard ground. It consists of CorroLink wall panels mounted on removable concrete road kerbing. Its sound reduction ability, privacy and strength as a crash barrier make it great for use adjacent to residential areas. Put up and pull down is fast with this lightweight modular.


Are you expecting lots of knocks and noise, such as on a construction, mining or manufacturing site? You can feel confident using CorroLink with its pre-finished corrugated iron look and highly resilient steel skin. This product is fast and easy to instal notwithstanding its impact resistance and strength.

See also EstateWall™, BarrierWall™, GuardianWall™, VogueWall™ and TrendWall™ which are other noise reduction options.

Strong barriers:


TerraFirm can retain from 75 cm to 3 metres of ground. It can be used standalone or in combination with the other modular products. For example if you combine with acoustic panels you can surround your property with one all-purpose boundary, in one installation. The result is a single, streamlined structure that is also attractive and matches your design. And therefore you save space, money and time - important considerations especially around a large land area!

See also VogueWall™, SlimWall™, TrendWall™, GuardianWall™ and EstateWall™ which have retaining wall capability.